Causes of loud noise of magnetic pump and its solution |
Causes of loud noise of magnetic pump and its solution Aug 14, 2023

Causes of loud noise of magnetic pump and its solution

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1. The reason for the motor.

The motor is the main equipment of the magnetic pump unit. The magnetic imbalance in the motor and the imbalance of other electrical systems often cause vibration and noise. For example, in the operation of asynchronous motor, the radial alternating magnetic pulling force between stator and rotor caused by the interaction of stator and rotor tooth harmonic flux, or the large synchronous motor in operation, the magnetic center of the stator and rotor is inconsistent or the air gap difference in all directions exceeds the allowable deviation, which may be the reason for the high noise of the magnetic pump.

2. Mechanical reasons.

The rotating parts of motor and magnetic pump are unbalanced, shoddy, poor installation quality, unit axis asymmetry, pendulum exceeds the allowable value, poor mechanical strength and stiffness of parts, wear and damage of bearings and sealing parts, and the resonance caused by the critical speed of the magnetic pump and the natural frequency of the unit will produce strong vibration and noise.

3. Hydraulic pump technology.

The non-uniform distribution of velocity and pressure at the inlet and outlet of the pipeline pump, the pressure pulsation of the working liquid at the inlet and outlet of the pump, the flow around the liquid, the bias and de-flow, the non-quota working conditions and the cavitation of the magnetic pump caused by various reasons are all common causes of pump unit vibration. The sharp change of pressure in the water pipeline and the action of water hammer caused by the dynamic transition process, such as start and shutdown of chemical magnetic pump, opening and closing of valve, change of working condition and emergency shutdown, often lead to vibration of chemical magnetic pump room and unit.

4. Hydraulic engineering and other aspects.

The unreasonable design of the inlet passage of the unit, the improper submersible depth of the submersible pump, and the unreasonable start-up and shutdown sequence of the unit will worsen the intake condition, produce a whirlpool, induce cavitation or aggravate the vibration of the unit and pump room. During the start-up of the unit that destroys the siphon vacuum cut-off, if the air entrainment in the hump section is difficult, the siphon time is too long; the design of the tap door is unreasonable, open and close, and constantly hit the door seat; the uneven subsidence of the foundation supporting the water pump and motor or the poor rigidity of the foundation will also lead to the vibration of the unit.

In addition, the liquid in a pool there is no space to install pumps on the ground: submersible pumps need noise-free chemical pumps can choose diaphragm pump products.

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