We provide customers with various Chemical pump/Magnetic pump/Centrifugal pump/Acid pump/Submersible pump/PTFE lined pipe/Valve
  • chloric acid pump chloric acid pump
    CQB-F Teflon Lining Magnetic Pump
    -Applicable liquid:An acidic alkaline liquid with no impurities and strong corrosiveness -Design:Magnetic coupling, no shaft seal, no leakage. -Nominal Pressure:PN16 -Lining:FEP/PTFE/PFA/PVDF -Casing Material:Cast iron/Stainless steel/Cast steel -Flange connection:DIN/ANSI B16.5 Class 150/JIS 10K/DN -Temperature Range:-20°C to +150°C 
  • Sea water transfer pump Sea water transfer pump
    IH stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pump
    -Design:Long life grease or oil bath lubrication. -Wetting part material:SUS304/SUS316/Dual-Phase steel. -Nominal Pressure:PN16. -Flange type:DIN/GB/JIS 10K/ANSI B16.5. -Temperature range:-20℃ to 180℃. -Certificate:ISO9001 certification, CE certification.
  • Sodium hydroxide pump Sodium hydroxide pump
    CQB-S Stainless steel magnetic drive pump
    Suitable for all kinds of organic solvents transport, never demagnetization -Design:Sealed non-leakage design -Wetting material:SUS316L,SUS304,SS2205 -Nominal Pressure:PN16 -Flange:DN standard or ASME B16.5 class 150/JIS 10K, convex flange -Temperature range:-20℃ to 240℃ -Certificate:ISO9001 certification, CE certification
  • Caustic soda pump Caustic soda pump
    IHF- mechanically sealed chemical centrifugal pump
    -It is suitable for the transportation of corrosive liquids in various complex environments. -Design:Long life grease or oil bath lubrication. -Casing:Cast iron/Stainless steel. -Lining:PTFE,PFA,FEP,PE-UHMW. -Nominal Pressure:PN16. -Flange:DIN or ASME B16.5 class 150, convex flange. -Temperature range:-20℃ to 150℃. -Certificate:ISO9001 certification, CE certification.    
  • Hydrochloric acid self-priming pump Hydrochloric acid self-priming pump
    ZMD-teflon lined self-priming magnetic pump
    -Design: direct magnetic connection -Nominal Pressure:PN16 -Lining:FEP/PTFE/PFA/PVDF/ETFE -Shaft:Silicon carbide -Housing Material:Cast iron/HT200 -Flange connection:DIN/JIS 10K/GB/ANSI Class150 -Temperature Range:- 20 °C to + 150 °C
  • Vertical centrifugal pump Vertical centrifugal pump
    FYH- vertical submersible centrifugal pump
    -Design:Semi-open impeller with small footprint -Nominal Pressure:PN16 -Material:FRPP/PVDF/SUS304/SUS316 -Shaft:FRPP/PVDF/SUS304/SUS316 -Flange connection:DN Standard design/ANSI B16.5 Class 150 -Temperature Range:-20°C to +150°C  -Advantages: self-priming liquid delivery, no mechanical seal, no leakage
  • Coated pipe Coated pipe
    Teflon plastic Lined Pipe /Pipe fittings
    -Lining material:PTFE/PFA/PVDF/PPH/PE -Connection model:Flange -Flange standard:GB/DIN/ANSI B16.5/JIS 10K -Pressure grade:PN16/PN10 -The length can be customized according to customer request
  • ptfe lined tee,ptfe lined elbow ptfe lined tee,ptfe lined elbow
    Teflon plastic Lined elbow/tee pipe
    -Lining material:PTFE/PFA/PVDF/PPH/PE/PO/Teflon/FEP/Rubber -Connection model:Flange -Flange standard:GB/DIN/ANSI B16.5/JIS 10K -Pressure grade:PN16/PN10 -The details are customized according to customer requirements
  • chemical tank storage chemical tank storage
    RT- chemical storage tank
    -accumulation and storage -surge control in the pneumatic system when the flow rate changes -pressure maintenance -ensuring the stable operation of the pneumatic system -Can customize the style according to the customer's on-site installation requirements
  • Sodium hydroxide ball valve Sodium hydroxide ball valve
    RBV- Teflon lined ball valve
    -Excellent ratio of economic and operational performance, for the use in a wide range of process applications -Maximum reliability: one piece ball/stem unit avoids weak spot ball to stem -Universally applicable: many options in combination with a thick-walled teflon plastic lining -Efficient alternative to plug valves
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Xuancheng rister pump and Valve Technology Co.,Ltd
Rister company, located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, specializes in providing a full range of industrial pumps such as petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, electric power,industrial water supply, food and so on. The product design fully takes into account the relevant standards of the pump industry in various countries, making the products universal in the world. At present, the products have been found in the Denmark, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and other major cities in the world and Chinese mainland, and enjoy a high reputation in the international and domestic pump industry. The company has developed Teflon coated magnetic pump, Teflon coated centrifugal pump, ultra-high molecular polyethylene mortar pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and other pump valve products. And cooperate in the production of Teflon anticorrosive tower section, lined Teflon reactor, lined Teflon anticorrosive pipe, lined Teflon pipe, Teflon spraying (PFA ETFE FEP F30), steel rolling lining Teflon (ETFE-F40) equipment and pipe fittings, steel rolling lining (PO, PE) equipment and pipe fittings, steel lined Teflon corrosion resistant pipe and pipe fittings, 14 series of special-shaped and non-standard equipment, more than 300 varieties. The production methods include roll coating, spraying, plate lining, molding and other processes. The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, acid and alkali production, non-ferrous metal smelting, pickling and painting process of automobile responsibility, rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, paper, electroplating, radio industry; chlorine water, wastewater treatment and acid addition in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects; can transport strong corrosion, flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile and other chemical media. The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the products have obtained CE certification. Sincerely look forward to our cooperation!
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latest News
Oman hydrochloric acid pump transportation project
2024-01-10 Oman hydrochloric acid pump transportation project
Oman hydrochloric acid pump transportation project The corrosion and wear resistance of IHF centrifugal pump has been confirmed by practical use and unanimously recognized by the majority of users, and has been widely used in: corrosive medium transport in chemical production, chlorine water wastewater treatment and acid addition process in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects (most pumps for ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects use our products), electrolyte transportation in non-ferrous metal smelting, pickling process in automobile manufacturing. And pharmaceutical, petroleum, electric power, electroplating, dyes, pesticides, paper, food, textile and many other industries, in the temperature range of-85 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ for a long time to transport any concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, strong alkali, strong oxidants, organic solvents, reducing agents and other strong corrosion media without damage.
RISTER wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
2023-12-26 RISTER wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
RISTER wishes you all a Merry Christmas If you have any need for magnetic pump, sulfuric acid pump, hydrochloric acid pump, chemical pump, please feel free to contact us, thank you.
Malaysia sewage pumping Project
2023-11-30 Malaysia sewage pumping Project
Malaysia sewage pumping Project FYH submerged pump, the working part of the pump is immersed in liquid and can be started without filling pump or vacuum, so it is easy to use. The submerged pump is a new type of pump produced by improved design on the basis of the traditional corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. The pump cancels the mechanical seal commonly used in other centrifugal pumps and selects the impeller with unique structure. According to the particle size in the medium and the different characteristics of the particles, the impeller can be closed or open, so that the pump has high efficiency, energy saving, no leakage and long service life.
Thailand hydrochloric acid transportation project
2023-11-20 Thailand hydrochloric acid transportation project
Thailand hydrochloric acid transportation project In the process of unloading hydrochloric acid, we recommend the use of corrosion-resistant hydrochloric acid magnetic unloading pump.However, in the process of adding hydrochloric acid, it should be noted that when greatly adding hydrochloric acid, the magnetic pump is a better choice, our hydrochloric acid pump is made of corrosion-resistant PTFE,PFA, plastic material, any specific gravity of hydrochloric acid can be competent.
Kenya seawater Transportation centrifugal pump Project
2023-11-13 Kenya seawater Transportation centrifugal pump Project
Kenya seawater Transportation centrifugal pump Project Product Overview:The IH single-stage single-suction cantilever chemical centrifugal pump is designed according to the international standard ISO2858 and manufactured according to the international standard ISO5199/DIS. Compared with the old products, its technical index increases by about 5% on average, and the cavitation margin is reduced by about 2m. It is a kind of energy-saving and efficient product with stable performance and standardized parts size. It is a product determined by the Ministry of Machinery Industry to replace the old corrosion-resistant pump and to replace the imported energy-saving products.Product features:The utility model has the advantages of high popularity and stable performance. the stainless steel material has 304,316L,904,904L, Harrington alloy, etc., the medium temperature is in the range of-20 ℃ to + 180C, and the working pressure of the system is <1.6Mpa, flow rate 3.4-460m3/H,Head of 3.6-132M
Delivery of Moroccan acid-base transportation project
2023-11-04 Delivery of Moroccan acid-base transportation project
Moroccan acid-base transportation project Acid and alkali resistant pump is a kind of pump made of special material. Widely used in electroplating, PCB, environmental protection equipment and other industries. Acid-resistant pump products are suitable for conveying all kinds of corrosive media at the temperature of-20 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃. The over-current part is all made of plastic alloy (polytetrafluoroethylene, polyperfluoroethylene propylene and other materials) through reasonable formula, molding and processing. acid-resistant pump has the advantages of many kinds of plastics, has strong corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of high mechanical strength, non-aging, non-toxic decomposition and so on. It is an ideal equipment for conveying all kinds of strong and weak acids.

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