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Rister company, located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, specializes in providing a full range of industrial pumps such as petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, electric power,industrial water supply, food and so on. The product design fully takes into account the relevant standards of the pump industry in various countries, making the products universal in the world. At present, the products have been found in the Denmark, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and other major cities in the world and Chinese mainland, and enjoy a high reputation in the international and domestic pump industry.

The company has developed Teflon coated magnetic pump, Teflon coated centrifugal pump, ultra-high molecular polyethylene mortar pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and other pump valve products.

And cooperate in the production of Teflon anticorrosive tower section, lined Teflon reactor, lined Teflon anticorrosive pipe, lined Teflon pipe, Teflon spraying (PFA ETFE FEP F30), steel rolling lining Teflon (ETFE-F40) equipment and pipe fittings, steel rolling lining (PO, PE) equipment and pipe fittings, steel lined Teflon corrosion resistant pipe and pipe fittings, 14 series of special-shaped and non-standard equipment, more than 300 varieties. The production methods include roll coating, spraying, plate lining, molding and other processes.

The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, acid and alkali production, non-ferrous metal smelting, pickling and painting process of automobile responsibility, rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, paper, electroplating, radio industry; chlorine water, wastewater treatment and acid addition in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects; can transport strong corrosion, flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile and other chemical media.

The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the products have obtained CE and ATEX certification. Sincerely look forward to our cooperation!

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