Causes of vibration and heating of plastic-lined centrifugal pump |
Causes of vibration and heating of plastic-lined centrifugal pump Aug 21, 2023

Causes of vibration and heating of plastic-lined centrifugal pump

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The reasons for abnormal vibration or heating of centrifugal pump are as follows:

1. Abnormal vibration of plastic lined centrifugal pump:

(1) the operating speed at which the vibration frequency is 0%-40%. The bearing clearance is too large, the metal is loose, there are foreign bodies in the oil, the oil quality (viscosity, temperature) is poor, foaming with air or process liquid, poor lubrication, bearing damage. Treatment method: after inspection, measures such as adjusting bearing clearance, removing foreign body in oil and replacing new oil are taken.

(2) the operating speed with a vibration frequency of 60%-100%. The bearing seal clearance is too large, the retaining ring is loose, and the seal is worn. Treatment: check, adjust or replace the sticker.

(3) the action speed at which the vibration frequency is twice. No, coupling loose, seal friction, shell deformation, bearing damage, support resonance, thrust bearing damage, shaft bending, bad fit. The treatment method is inspection, and corresponding measures are taken to repair, adjust or replace it.

(4) the operating speed with n times vibration frequency. Pressure pulsation is not the center, but the shell deformation, seal friction, support platform or foundation resonance, pipeline, mechanical resonance, strengthen the foundation or pipeline.

(5) the vibration frequency is very high. Shaft friction, sealing, bearing, imprecision, bearing sloshing, poor shrinkage fit, etc.

2. Abnormal fever of fluorine-lined centrifugal pump:

(1) the scraping of the bearing pad does not meet the requirements. The way to deal with it is to repair or replace the bearing block.

(2) the bearing clearance is too small. The way to deal with it is to readjust or scratch the clearance of the bearing.

(3) the quantity of lubricating oil is insufficient and the quality of oil is poor. The treatment is to increase the amount of oil or change the lubricating oil.

(4) poor assembly of bearings. The treatment method is to check the assembly status of the bearing according to the requirements and remove the unrequired elements.

(5) the cooling water is cut off. The way to deal with it is to check and repair.

(6) bearing wear or loosening. The treatment is to repair or scrap the bearings. If loose, tighten the relevant bolts.

(7) the pump shaft is bent. The treatment method is to correct the pump shaft.

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