The development of automation is inseparable from pump |
The development of automation is inseparable from pump Aug 25, 2023

The development of automation is inseparable from pump

Centrifugal pump

With the increasing scarcity of non-renewable resources such as oil, coal and natural gas, the saving and utilization of energy is an irresistible trend. In order to comply with the trend, we can not avoid focusing on the research and development of energy conservation and building a conservation society. For example, in daily life, while central air conditioning provides people with a comfortable environment, power consumption can not be ignored, which also makes people realize how to make better use of energy. At this time, the superior performance of the water pump is reflected. Cooling water and chilled water achieve the effect of cooling and freezing through the role of water pumps.

1. As most of the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are fluids in the chemical and petroleum production process, the pump can better transport the liquid and provide the pressure flow of chemical reaction in the process of forming semi-finished products and finished products of raw materials.

2. Drainage and irrigation in agricultural production is inseparable from the use of pumps. With the popularization of modern agricultural automation production, the demand of water pump in agricultural production is greatly increased, and agricultural pump accounts for more than half of the total pump output.

3. Pumps are also indispensable equipment in the production of mining and metallurgical industries. No matter it is mine drainage, or in the process of mineral processing, smelting and rolling, it is necessary to use water pump to clean.

4. Nuclear power plants need nuclear main pumps, second-stage pumps and third-stage pumps to be put into operation, and thermal power plants need a large number of feedwater pumps, circulating pumps, condensate pumps and ash flushing pumps.

5. Chemical pump is also an indispensable part in national defense construction. The adjustment of aircraft flaps, rudder blades and elevators, the operation of warships and tank turrets, and the promotion of submarines are all inseparable from the application of pumps.

Today, with the development of social modernization, the popularity of centrifugal pump has penetrated into all aspects of life. As RISTER PUMPS experts pointed out, pump is like a powerful heart, which greatly facilitates the daily needs of modernization today.

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