Application and advantages of Chemical anticorrosion pump |
Application and advantages of Chemical anticorrosion pump Feb 24, 2023

Application and advantages of Chemical anticorrosion pump:

Chemical anticorrosion pump is used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear industry and other heavy chemical industry. from its application industry, we can see the importance and irreplaceability of anticorrosion pump. Chemical anticorrosion pump has the following advantages:

1.The main results are as follows: 1. The liquid inlet of the pump is in the same direction of the shaft seal, and the shaft seal is in the negative pressure environment, so it will not leak, which overcomes the solid problem that the shaft seal is easy to leak when the pump is equipped with a filter press.

2. The chemical anti-corrosion pump is equipped with a variety of interchangeable lining materials, which can be applied to the transportation of corrosive and abrasive clear liquid and slurry with various chemical properties, and the spare parts of different materials have good interchangeable performance, so it is very convenient for users to adjust.

3. The operation cost is low: there are two main factors: one is that the pump cover and suction inlet of the vulnerable parts use a split structure, which is equipped with independent wear-resistant parts, which is convenient to replace and more economical. Second, the pump seal does not use the back impeller (back impeller) to reduce pressure, which saves shaft power consumption and energy.

4. The connection between the pump body and the bearing housing adopts a new (patented) structure, the space of the sealing part is large, and the adjustment, maintenance and inspection of the sealing parts are very convenient.

5. Good wear resistance, because higher pump outlet pressure is obtained with lower single impeller linear speed, thus overcoming the disadvantage that single-stage slurry pump increases impeller linear speed in order to increase pressure, which leads to increased wear of impeller and pump housing. effectively improve the service life of impellers, pump covers and other worn parts.


6. Because of the high pressure, when using the high pressure filter press, the filtration effect is good, and the water content of the filter cake is less, which overcomes the disadvantage of insufficient pressure of the pump used in the filter press.

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