Pre-measures for installation of Teflon lined pipeline |
Pre-measures for installation of Teflon lined pipeline Apr 23, 2023

Pre-measures for installation of Teflon lined pipeline

Plastic-lined pipe

Plastic-lined pipe is based on carbon steel pipe and lined with thermoplastic with excellent chemical properties. After cold drawing or rolling molding, the lined plastic pipe has the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of steel pipe fittings, the scaling rate is slow, and it is not easy to breed microorganisms. It is an ideal pipeline for conveying acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas and other media.

The plastic-lined pipe includes a metal outer pipe and a plastic inner pipe, and the plastic inner pipe is bonded to the inner wall of the metal outer pipe. Metal pipe fittings have high structural strength and are not easy to deform. Plastic lined pipe combines the characteristics of metal pipe fittings and plastic pipe fittings, and has the advantages of high structural strength, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation and so on, so it is more and more used as water pipes and other pipe fittings. However, the connection between the plastic inner pipe and the metal outer pipe of the traditional plastic lined pipe is unstable, and the plastic inner pipe is easy to separate from the metal outer pipe under high water pressure, which destroys the overall structure of the plastic.

Because during the installation process, the plastic-lined pipe needs many detailed steps to connect with other facilities before the transportation operation. Therefore, some precautions should be taken when installing pipes to avoid problems.

1. In the plastic lined pipe, pipe clamps should be used to fix the stress parts, such as connecting tees, elbows, valves, fire hydrants and various water distribution points. The plastic lined pipe also requires that the pipe clip should be set at the joint of the pipe fitting, and the distance between the pipe clip and the pipe fitting shall not exceed 4 times the pipe diameter.

2. The vertical branch pipe of the finished product water supply director of the plastic lined pipe factory shall not be used as load-bearing scaffolding for other professional equipment or pipes and scaffolding for operators to prevent damage. In addition, special attention should be paid to the water supply lined plastic steel pipe in the toilet ceiling and pipe well. According to the instructions of anti-condensation and heat preservation, after the water supply is lined with plastic steel pipe, it shall not be stepped on and replaced at will.

3. The distance between the plastic lining pipe and the sidewall is 12~15mm. When the mine plastic-coated steel pipe passes through the bottom plate, the casing should be installed, and the plastic pipe can be selected. Metal casing should be used when passing through the roof, the casing should be higher than the 50~100mm of the ground and roof, and strict waterproof measures should be taken.

4. Product maintenance after construction can prolong the service life of plastic-lined pipe. For the temporary openings of the plastic-lined pipe during construction and completion, all throats and nozzles of the pipe should be sealed in time to avoid pipe blockage caused by misoperation by other professionals.

At present, there are more and more new materials on the market to meet the different needs of the market. Clean and environmentally friendly products are supported by the state, and people are more willing to accept such products. Plastic lined pipe is a typical example. Plastic-lined composite pipes are generally welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes, and the inner and outer walls are coated with epoxy resin or polyethylene powder. They are corrosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, non-radiation environmentally friendly and healthy pipelines. Used for all kinds of fluid transportation, punching many holes in the steel strip with a perforated mesh in the middle of the steel strip, so that the inner layer and outer layer of pe are combined organically, so as to solve the composite problem of steel and plastic.

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