Installation mode and matters needing attention of lye lift pump |
Installation mode and matters needing attention of lye lift pump Mar 12, 2023

Installation mode and matters needing attention of lye lift pump


Lye lifting pump is mainly used for liquid lifting, transportation and circulation, the selection of pump body material should be acid-alkali and corrosion-resistant, of course, a reasonable installation method will also make the working state of the lifting pump stable. The following is an inventory of various installation methods and matters needing attention of the lye lift pump.


1. A solid horizontal plane should be selected during installation to keep the fuselage vertical and fixed.


2. Try to avoid installing machines outdoors. If it must be installed outdoors, the protective cover should be covered, and if the pump is equipped with an electronic controller, it should be protected.


3. Before piping, the chemical properties, temperature conditions and conveying head should be considered, and different pipe fittings should be selected to meet the actual requirements. For example, if the temperature is above 60 ℃, PP pipe fittings should be selected for installation.


4. When piping, you should pay attention to not leaving any impurities or debris in the pipe, and clean the pipe with clean water if necessary.


5. The flange joint should be lined with a gasket and properly locked to prevent air inhalation.


6. When piping, it should be noted that the pipeline should not be twisted forcefully. After installation, check whether the pump is distorted due to excessive force or incorrect installation action during installation.


7. After installation, you should reconfirm whether the pipeline is firm to avoid damage caused by vibration.


8. Before connecting the power cord, make sure that the power supply used is in accordance with the type of motor, and connect the overcurrent protection switch.


9. If the height of the outlet piping is higher than that of the motor or reverse pressure, please install a check valve at the pump outlet and do not exceed the higher liquid level too much.


10. For the sake of safety, filter the screen at the entrance of the device so as not to damage the pump by inhaling debris.


11. The inlet connecting flange shall have the same caliber as the inlet flange, and the outlet connecting flange shall have the same caliber as the outlet flange. Warning: too tight or too loose can affect traffic performance and even security. Please make sure that all nuts are locked, unlocked will cause liquid leakage, if the lock is too tight, it is easy to fall off and damage. Please install it by someone who is familiar with the installation of this machine and equipment.

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