How to improve the turbidity performance of centrifugal pump |
How to improve the turbidity performance of centrifugal pump Jun 08, 2023

How to improve the turbidity performance of centrifugal pump

Chemical centrifugal pump

The heart pump often produces noise and vibration in the process of operation, and sometimes it can not even work with the decrease of flow rate, head and efficiency. In the process of maintenance, pitting or honeycomb damage is often found near the front cover and the inlet edge of the blade. In serious cases, the whole blade and front and rear cover plate will appear this phenomenon, and even the blade and cover plate will be penetrated, which is mainly caused by gas turbidity. The following mainly introduces several common methods to reduce the cavitation value and improve the cavitation performance of the centrifugal pump by changing the inlet structure parameters of the centrifugal pump.

Measures to improve cavitation resistance of centrifugal pump.

1. Improve the structural design from the suction inlet of the pump to the vicinity of the impeller. Increase overflow area.

2. Increase the curvature radius of the inlet section of the impeller cover to reduce the sharp acceleration and pressure drop of liquid flow.

3. Properly reduce the thickness of the blade inlet, invert the blade inlet and make it close to the streamline, which can also reduce the acceleration and pressure drop of the bypass blade head.

4. Extend the blade inlet edge to the impeller inlet to make the liquid flow accept the work in advance and increase the pressure.

5. Improve the surface finish of impeller and blade inlet and reduce the resistance loss.

Measures to improve the effective cavitation margin of the liquid inlet device.

1. Increase the liquid level pressure in the liquid storage tank in front of the pump to increase the effective cavitation margin.

2. Reduce the installation height of the pump of the suction device.

3. Change the suction device to the reflux device.

4. Reduce the temperature of the working medium at the pump inlet.

5. Reduce the flow loss on the pipe in front of the pumpFor example, try to shorten the pipe within the required range, reduce the flow rate in the pipe, reduce bends and valves, and try to increase the valve opening.

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