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Daily maintenance of fluoroplastic magnetic pump Jul 31, 2023

Daily maintenance of fluoroplastic magnetic pump

Fluoroplastic magnetic pump

In the course of use, the fluoroplastic magnetic pump must turn in the direction of the indicator, and reverse and idling are strictly prohibited. Compared with the traditional sealed pump, the magnetic pump has a small workload of maintenance and repair. however, because of its own characteristics, it is different from the traditional centrifugal pump in many places, so it is necessary and necessary to monitor and inspect the pump body and motor every day. In this way, the problem can be found at the first time, and the pump body can be repaired and replaced in time.

In operation, the axial force of the fluorine-lined magnetic pump is automatically balanced by hydraulic power, and the driving disc is only subjected to instantaneous axial thrust when starting and stopping. therefore, some measures and ways should be taken in the aspects of technology, installation and operation to ensure its reliable and stable operation, and strictly ensure that the temperature of the peripheral environment does not exceed 40 ℃ and the temperature rise of the motor does not exceed 75 ℃.

If the chemical magnetic pump is not in use for a long time, clean the inner flow channel of the pump and cut off the power supply to cover the pump body with a dust cover.

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