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What pump is good for conveying sulfuric acid? Feb 24, 2024

When transporting sulfuric acid, because sulfuric acid is dangerous goods, it is necessary to have a pump with strong corrosion resistance. When choosing a pump, you need to pay attention to these two points, and you can find the right pump. The pumps that transport sulfuric acid have fluorine plastic alloy centrifugal pumps, PTFE magnetic pumps, corrosion resistant self-priming pumps and other models, which can be subdivided according to flow rate and head. Many enterprises are prone to deviations in the selection of models, improper selection will bring great security risks to future production, and work efficiency will be reduced.

Sulfuric acid water pump

We must first familiarize ourselves with the characteristics of the transport medium required. As one of the strong corrosive media, sulfuric acid is an important industrial raw material with a wide range of uses. Different concentrations and temperatures of sulfuric acid on the corrosion of the material is very different, for the concentration of more than 80%, the temperature is less than 80 degrees of concentrated sulfuric acid, carbon steel and cast iron have better corrosion resistance, but it is not suitable for high-speed flow of sulfuric acid, not used as a pump material; Ordinary stainless steels such as 304 and 316 also have limited use for sulfuric acid media. The pump for conveying sulfuric acid is usually made of high-silicon cast iron and high-alloy stainless steel, but its processing is difficult and expensive, so it is not optimistic. Fluorine plastic alloys have good sulfuric acid resistance, and it has not been found that there is a chemical medium in the applicable temperature range that can react with it, so the use of fluorine lined pump (teflon) is a more economical choice. Applicable products are: fluorine plastic magnetic pump, fluorine plastic lined centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, etc.

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