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Type selection of sodium hypochlorite dosing pump Mar 08, 2024

Type selection of sodium hypochlorite dosing pump

sodium hypochlorite pump

Sodium hypochlorite, an inorganic compound with chemical formula NaClO, is a hypochlorite and is the most common "chlorine" bleach in household washing. Sodium hypochlorite is mainly used in bleaching, industrial wastewater treatment, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, sanitary disinfection and many other fields.

As one of the strong corrosion media, sodium hypochlorite pump is an important industrial raw material which is widely used. The corrosion degree of the material to the medium with different concentration and temperature is also different, so today we can choose from the following three aspects for the selection of sodium hypochlorite dosing pump:

1. The on-site working condition of sodium hypochlorite pump:
It is necessary to specify the on-site working conditions, such as the concentration of sodium hypochlorite, the working temperature, whether there are particles in the medium, as well as the flow rate and head to be satisfied in the whole work.

2. The pump structure suitable for sodium hypochlorite:
The pumps that can be used to transport sodium hypochlorite are: magnetic pump, self-priming pump, centrifugal pump, submerged pump. The specific type should be based on the concentration of sodium hypochlorite and other conditions, to choose to use self-priming pump or magnetic pump. Mabel magnetic pump without shaft seal design is completely leak-proof, but also according to the site installation environment to choose to use horizontal or vertical.

3. Material selection of sodium hypochlorite pump:
Basic plastics can be used, such as: PP, PVDF, ETFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and other materials.

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