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What kind of pump is used to transport concentrated sulfuric acid? Feb 22, 2023

What kind of pump is used to transport concentrated sulfuric acid?

Speaking of how to choose a pump for pumping concentrated sulfuric acid, let's first talk about what is concentrated sulfuric acid. Concentrated sulfuric acid, commonly known as bad water, chemical formula is H2SO4, is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid. Concentrated sulfuric acid refers to a sulfuric acid solution with a mass fraction greater than or equal to 70%.

Concentrated sulfuric acid is also highly corrosive. Under atmospheric pressure, boiling concentrated sulfuric acid can corrode all metals except iridium and ruthenium (even gold and platinum), and the number of metal elements that can be corroded even exceeds that of aqua regia. Sulfuric acid has strong oxidizability at high concentration, which is one of the biggest differences between sulfuric acid and dilute sulfuric acid. At the same time, it also has dehydration, non-volatility, acidity, water absorption and so on.


It is better to use magnetic pump to pump concentrated sulfuric acid. Compared with other pumps, magnetic pump is more suitable for conveying these corrosive, acidic and alkaline liquids. It is precisely because the non-shaft seal design can prevent leakage and avoid leakage, thus polluting the site, resulting in an increase in cost.

Of course, the material of the magnetic pump is also very important, it is recommended to use the magnetic pump of PVDF material, the normal temperature of the magnetic pump of PVDF material is 90 ℃, which can meet the use of most cases. Magnetic pump made of PVDF is used to pump concentrated sulfuric acid. If the flow and head and other parameters can not meet the requirements, then it is necessary to re-select.

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