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Water leakage of chemical pump Jul 28, 2023

Water leakage of chemical pump

Magnetic pump

For general occasions, the water pump does not produce water, and after solving the problems of impeller wear and blockage and pipe leakage, it can be solved, if there is no more water, it is mostly the bottom valve blockage, at this time, it is necessary to spend some manpower and material resources to drain the pool or put forward the bottom valve for maintenance, but for the pumps working on most occasions, it is necessary to ensure that the pump is turned on.

The simple method is to adopt the water bottom valve and give up the old underwater bottom valve.

The main features of the water bottom valve are:

1.The utility model can replace the underwater bottom valve, installed at the 90 °turn of the horizontal pipe and inlet pipe above the water surface, and can also replace the elbow, which has unique sealing performance, watertight, and is equipped with damping device, which can alleviate the harm of water hammer to a certain extent.

2.Energy saving effect, in normal use (according to kiloton / meter power consumption) can save about 5-7%, use for one to two years, the electricity savings can recover your investment for the purchase of this valve, the energy-saving effect can not be achieved by the general bottom valve.

3.The bottom valve has a long service life and convenient maintenance. The service life of the bottom valve is more than five years, which reduces the production cost, and there is generally no fault during the service period. Even if there is a fault, the treatment is also very convenient and rapid. It fully shows its superiority.

4.Self-priming performance is reliable, as we all know, the sealing performance of the old bottom valve is poor, there is often the problem of not being able to get out of water after stopping the pump, while the water-type bottom valve has a unique sealing effect, which can achieve watertight and ensure the smooth progress of the next pump, so in the design process, it is not necessary to consider the water supply project of the underwater pump room with a large investment because of the pump.

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