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Pump arrangement and layout requirements Apr 06, 2023

Pump arrangement and layout requirements

A.arrangement of the pump.

1.Open-air arrangement. In general, the pump will be concentrated under the pipe gallery or on the side, or near the suction equipment. The main advantages are good ventilation and convenient operation and maintenance. If the pump is arranged under the pipe gallery, the center line of the pump outlet is aligned, 0.6 m away from the center line of the pipe column.

2.semi-open-air arrangement. The semi-open-air pump is suitable for rainy areas, generally arranging the pump under the pipe corridor and setting a ceiling on the upper part of the pipe. Or the pump is arranged on the lower floor of the frame, with the frame platform as the ceiling. According to the layout requirements of the pump, the pump will be arranged in single row, double row or multi-row.

3.Indoor layout. The indoor pump is suitable for cold or wind-blown sand areas, as well as for situations where the process has special requirements.

B.layout requirements of the pump.

1.for open-air or semi-open-air pumps, the pump is generally perpendicular to the axis of the prime mover and the axis of the pipe gallery.

2.for indoor pumps, when the temperature of the liquid transported is higher than the self-ignition point or when the liquid is liquid hydrocarbon, it should be arranged in their respective rooms with other pumps and separated by firewalls.

3.When the pump is arranged indoors, the traffic requirements of motor maintenance vehicles are generally not taken into account. The clear distance between the pump end or the pump side and the wall should not be less than 1.2-1.5m, and the net distance between the two rows of pumps should not be less than 2m.

4.The power side and pump side of the steam reciprocating pump should have the position of pumping piston and pull rod.

5.When the vertical pump is arranged under the pipe gallery or under the frame, the space needed for the installation and maintenance of the pump body should be left above it.

6.Space needed for maintenance and inspection of all kinds of centrifugal pumps. When the pipe is arranged, at least one side of the pump should be set aside for maintenance.

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