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Installation sequence of Teflon lined centrifugal pump Mar 17, 2023

Installation sequence of Teflon lined centrifugal pump


Teflon lining centrifugal pump parts in the completion of repair, replacement, after inspection, confirmed that it meets the technical requirements after the whole machine assembly. The installation of fluoroplastic centrifugal pump is a very important work and an important step to restore the performance of centrifugal pump. Here are five key points of the installation sequence of plastic-lined centrifugal pump. I hope it will be helpful to users!

1. When the unit is transported to the site, the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump and motor have been corrected with the base, and it is not necessary to remove the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump and motor when leveling the base, so the installation is very convenient.

2. Put the base on the foundation and pad the wedge iron near the anchor screw to make the base 20-40 mm high for flattening and filling cement slurry.

3. Check the level of the base with a level, fill the base with cement slurry after leveling, and check the level again after the cement dries up.

4. When the power of the unit is large, the pump, motor and base may be packed separately in order to facilitate transportation, so it is necessary for users to install and correct the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump unit as follows.

  a. Clean the dirt on the support plane of the base, the foot of the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump and the foot of the motor, and put the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump and motor on the base.

  b. Adjust the level of the pump shaft and bolt the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump on the base to prevent moving.

  c. Hoist the motor, match the pump coupling with the motor coupling, and put down the corresponding position on the motor seat.

  d. Adjust the gap between the two couplings to about 5mm, and correct whether the axis lines of the motor shaft and the pump shaft coincide. The method is to put the flat ruler on the coupling, and the outer circle of the two couplings should be flat with the flat ruler. If it does not coincide, the relative position of the motor or pump should be adjusted, or the pad should be adjusted with a thin sheet of iron.

  e. In order to check the installation accuracy, the clearance between the two coupling planes should be measured with a plug ruler at several different positions on the circumference of the coupling. The difference between the larger and smaller clearance on the coupling plane shall not exceed 0.3mm, and the difference between the upper and lower or left and right centerlines of the two ends shall not exceed 0.1mm.

5 when the unit does not have a base, it needs to be installed directly on the foundation, and its method is similar to that of 4, but more attention should be paid to correction.

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