Installation and use of corrosion resistant magnetic pump |
Installation and use of corrosion resistant magnetic pump Aug 11, 2023

Installation and use of corrosion resistant magnetic pump

Corrosion resistant pump

1. The corrosion-resistant magnetic pump should be installed horizontally, not erect, and the plastic pump body shall not bear the weight of the pipeline. for the special requirements for vertical installation, the motor must face up.

2. When the suction level is higher than the pump axis line, open the suction pipe valve before starting. If the suction level is lower than the pump shaft line, the pipe should be equipped with bottom valve.

3. Chemical magnetic pump should be checked before use, motor blade rotation should be flexible, no stuck and unusual sound, each fastener should be fastened.

4. Check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the steering mark of the magnetic pump.

5. After the motor starts, slowly open the discharge valve, wait for the pump to enter the normal working state, and then adjust the discharge valve to the desired opening.

6. Before the corrosion resistant magnetic pump stops working, the discharge valve should be closed, and then the suction pipe valve should be closed.

Strong and durable structure of corrosion-resistant magnetic pump: the driving device adopts active magnet coupling installed directly on the motor shaft, and the pump room is completely closed.
The rotating structure of the impeller with magnet on the pump shaft indirectly driven by magnetic coupling is compact, safe and energy-saving. Although the contact liquid part is fluoroplastic, but the chemical magnetic pump shell is metal material, so the pump body can withstand the weight of the pipe and withstand mechanical impact.

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