How to improve efficiency and Energy Saving effect of Chemical pump |
How to improve efficiency and Energy Saving effect of Chemical pump Apr 05, 2023

How to improve efficiency and Energy Saving effect of Chemical pump

Specifically, can refer to the following points:

A. Reduce the leakage loss of water supply system.

1.under normal operating conditions, the discharge valve, drain valve and pump body discharge valve of the water supply system, the periodic discharge door of the boiler and the accident discharge door should be closed tightly, and it should be cold after touching the inspection door. Lax valves should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2.reduce the leakage loss of the recirculation valve of the feedwater pump. The feedwater pump recirculation device is used to maintain a small flow rate when the feedwater pump is started, just put into operation and when the boiler water supply is stopped, so as to prevent heating due to small flow rate, water vaporization and accident. During normal operation, the recirculation door should be closed tightly. In the field, due to the problems of structure and material, the recirculation door generally leaks seriously under the scouring action of large pressure difference, and a large amount of high pressure feed water returns to the deaerator for useless work, resulting in waste of electric energy, fluorine magnetic pump, and even affects the boiler feed water. At this time, it should be out of operation in time, repair the serious leakage of the recycling door, and maintain its good tightness. In addition, when starting the feed water pump, when the pump is running normally, the recycling door should be closed in time to reduce the power loss at this time.

3.the outlet backstop door of the standby feedwater pump should be strict, and the exit door of the backup feedwater pump is generally in the open state. The lax backstop door causes the high-pressure feed water to leak back to the deaerator through the pump body, and even causes the backup pump to reverse, which should be withdrawn from the standby immediately for treatment, which not only reduces the pressure energy loss of the high-pressure feed water, but also ensures the safety of the equipment. In addition, in the case of meeting the water supply needs, only the outlet door of the feed pump can be kept fully open, and the outlet door of other spare pumps can be closed to reduce leakage loss.

B.Reduce volume loss and improve operation efficiency.

1.reduce the leakage loss in the pump, improve the machining accuracy and assembly quality of the parts, reduce the radial clearance of the throttle sleeve in front of the balance plate and the radial clearance of the sealing ring before and after the impeller and the sealing ring of the guide vane, reduce the pressure energy loss caused by liquid leakage from the high pressure side to the low pressure side of the pump. Materials with high hardness should be selected for impeller sealing ring, guide vane sleeve and front throttle of balance plate, and heat treatment should be carried out to improve wear resistance.

2.when starting the feed pump in the cold state, the pump should be fully warmed according to the requirements of the regulations. if the warm pump is not sufficient, it is easy to produce a large thermal temperature difference between the top and bottom of the pump, resulting in bow deformation of the rotor, and the start-up pump is easy to grind the internal seal clearance. resulting in internal leakage and increased reflux volume loss.

3.carefully monitor the axial movement of the pump and the change of the discharge pressure behind the balance plate during operation. in normal operation, when the discharge pressure behind the balance plate varies greatly compared with the inlet pressure of the pump, it should be overhauled in time to reduce the leakage loss. improve the volume efficiency of the pump.

4.the load should be adjusted smoothly, the fluorine centrifugal pump should be lined to avoid the sharp fluctuation of the feed water pressure, maintain the continuous and stable operation of the feed pump, and reduce the axial movement of the pump, so as to avoid wear and tear of the seal clearance.

C.The application of frequency conversion controller.

Compared with other speed regulation technologies, water pump variable frequency speed regulation technology has the following advantages: *, high speed regulation efficiency. Frequency conversion speed regulation is that after the frequency changes, the motor is still running near the synchronous speed of the frequency, basically keeping the rated speed difference, and the speed loss does not increase. Therefore, the frequency conversion adjustable speed pump is a kind of high efficiency adjustable speed pump. Second, the speed regulation range is large. The speed regulation range of the frequency converter can reach 1%-100%, and has a high speed regulation efficiency in the whole speed regulation range. When the speed regulation range is less than 30%, the frequency converter efficiency can reach 90%. Therefore, the variable frequency adjustable speed pump is especially suitable for a wide range of speed regulation, often in the state of low load operation. Third, the speed regulation transformation is convenient. To reform the speed regulation of the original motor, it is not necessary to replace the motor. Fourth, it can adjust speed continuously and the starting current is small. Choose the general good running speed, can achieve low-speed start, smooth speed regulation. Generally, the high speed is not affected by the power supply, and the motor can be high-speed and miniaturized. Fifth, the frequency conversion device can also be used as starting equipment. Through the frequency conversion power supply, the motor is started to a certain speed, and then the frequency conversion power supply is disconnected, and the power frequency power supply accelerates the motor to full speed. Sixth, the main circuit can maintain direct power supply. When the frequency conversion device fails, it can quit operation and be directly supplied by the main circuit, which does not affect the continued operation of the pump.

D.Improve the maintenance process of feed water pump and reduce hydraulic loss.

1.improve the smoothness of the runner: the rust, dirt, burr and flying edge of the impeller and the flow part of the impeller are polished during maintenance, so that the finish of the runner is more than 4, and the loss of the vortex caused by friction between the water and the wall of the runner is reduced. However, limited by the on-site conditions, it is not easy to polish the whole flow part, so we should focus on polishing the key parts that have a great impact on efficiency, such as the positive guide vane, the inlet part of the impeller, the outlet part of the impeller and so on. Polish to see the metal luster, must not destroy the original profile of the runner.

2.when improving the smoothness of the outer wall of the impeller and the inner wall of the pump shell, the embroidery scale and burr of the outer wall of the impeller and the inner wall of the pump shell are polished and polished, while keeping the skewness of the impeller not exceeding the specified value and reducing the friction loss of the disc.

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