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Fluoroplastic magnetic pump to install process monitoring device May 31, 2023

Fluoroplastic magnetic pump to install process monitoring device

Fluoroplastic magnetic pump

Fluoroplastic magnetic pump is a new type of pump based on the principle of magnetic mechanics, and it is also the embodiment of the progress of current transmission technology. Using the electromagnetic principle to drive, the effect will be better, and the braking effect will be better. As the name implies, the high-temperature magnetic pump should have good high-temperature resistance, which is its fundamental advantage. At the same time, it has good sealing effect and can work normally at high temperature. The fluoroplastic magnetic pump can be better used with the above process monitoring device. With the continuous prosperity of modern high-temperature magnetic pump market, it is more and more concerned and welcomed by everyone. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the safety of the equipment, users should learn to use the process monitoring device and strictly manage the operation of the equipment. These include:

1. It is necessary to protect and control the liquid level of the intake tank. The inlet tank shall be equipped with a liquid level transmitter or level switch. When the liquid level of the intake tank drops to a certain extent, the pump will stop automatically to protect the pump. Pressure difference sensors and switches should be installed to measure the pressure difference between the pump outlet and inlet. When the pressure difference is lower than the set value, the pump will automatically stop to protect the pump.

2. The pump body shall be equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the magnetic stator and the pump bearing, and to protect the bearing and the magnetic stator. In order to avoid cavitation, the magnetic pump needs a smaller suction head when conveying fluids that are easy to evaporate. The vibration of the pump is very small, and large vibration and noise indicate fault.

3. The outlet of the pump shall be equipped with a liquid level regulating valve to adjust the discharge of the conveying medium according to the liquid level of the inlet tank. In order to ensure normal operation, it is necessary to ensure that the pump runs within the range of flow and head. Smaller working flow and water head are described on the performance curve.

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