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Disassembly of IHF teflon lined centrifugal pump Mar 11, 2023

Disassembly of IHF lined centrifugal pump

When overhauling the IHF teflon lined centrifugal pump, we should first be familiar with the structure of the pump and at the same time grasp four important links: correct disassembly; cleaning, inspection, repair or replacement of parts; meticulous assembly; the relative position of the assembled parts and the adjustment of the gap between the parts.

The general precautions during disassembly are as follows:

1.according to the disassembly procedure of the pump, some assemblies can not be disassembled as far as possible.

2.leave the original data, such as the alignment data of the pump and the drive rotor, the length of the bolts in the main parts before and after disassembly, the bearing clearance, etc.

3.the relative position and direction of the parts should be marked and placed in an orderly manner, so as to avoid making mistakes with each other when assembling after repair, although some parts (such as impellers, bushings, etc.) are interchangeable, the positions should not be changed at will during assembly. Otherwise, the balance of the rotor will be affected, and the original running-in fit will be re-run-in, or other problems will occur.

4.assemble the parts with very small gap, prevent the parts from swinging left and right during disassembly and damage the parts. For conditional pumps, guide rods can be installed before disassembly to avoid swinging and bumping of parts.

5.for the uncover of a large horizontal split pump, the connecting bolts in the middle of the shell should be loosened first, and then the peripheral connecting bolts should be loosened in a certain symmetrical order. In this way, it is possible to prevent upward warping around the upper shell of the pump.

6.when separating the two connected parts, if there is a top wire hole, it should be disassembled with the help of the top wire. When the two connected parts cannot be removed due to corrosion or other reasons, they can be soaked in kerosene for a period of time and then removed; if they cannot be removed, the contained parts can be heated, and when the contained parts are expanded by heat, the two parts can be separated quickly.

7.try to use special tools when disassembling.

In order to remove oil stains and dirt on the parts, kerosene, diesel oil or special cleaning agent can be used to clean. The parts that need to be welded can be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride, acetone and so on. For dry rust, it can be removed with a shovel or polished with an abrasive cloth.

The adjustment of the internal clearance of the pump in the process of assembly is realized by changing the thickness of the gasket, mastering the tightening force of the connecting bolts, adjusting the screws specially used for adjustment, and so on. If necessary, the relevant dimensions of the parts can be changed.

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