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Design principle of Magnetic pump May 27, 2023

Design principle of Magnetic pump

magnetic pumps

Magnetic pump is a kind of chemical process pump which uses the principle of modern magnetism and permanent magnet to realize non-contact indirect transmission. When the motor drives the outer rotor assembly to rotate, the magnetic force line through the magnetic field will drive the inner rotor assembly and the impeller to rotate synchronously through the isolation sleeve, and the medium will be completely enclosed in the static isolation sleeve, thus achieving the purpose of non-leakage pumping of the medium. the problem of shaft seal leakage of mechanically driven pump is solved completely. It is a new type of industrial pump with full seal, no leakage and no pollution. Fluoroplastic pump is an ideal pump to eliminate running, leaking, dripping and leakage in the chemical process, to eliminate environmental pollution, to create "leak-free workshop" and "non-leakage factory", and to realize safe and civilized production.

The design of Teflon magnetic pump not only has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise and reliable operation, but also its over-current parts are made of plastic with good corrosion resistance in the world, and the isolation sleeve is made of special materials. it has high mechanical properties and eliminates the magnetic eddy current phenomenon existing in ordinary magnetic pumps. Therefore, Teflon magnetic pump can transport any concentration of acid, alkali, oxidants and other corrosive media without damage.

The magnetic pump consists of a pump, a magnetic driver and a motor. The key component magnetic actuator consists of an external magnetic rotor, an internal magnetic rotor and a non-magnetic isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the external magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic material, drive the internal magnetic rotor connected to the impeller to rotate synchronously, realize the non-contact transmission of power, and convert the dynamic seal into static seal. Because the pump shaft and the internal magnetic rotor are completely sealed by the pump body and the isolation sleeve, the problem of "running, risking, dripping and leakage" is thoroughly solved, and the hidden danger of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media leakage through the pump seal in the oil refining and chemical industry is eliminated. effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees and safety in production.

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