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What type of magnetic pump is used for aluminum sulfate? May 17, 2023

What type of magnetic pump is used for aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum sulfate pump

As a commonly used medium in chemical industry, aluminum sulfate is widely used in transportation, batching and other processes. In general, the recommended pump type is a leak-free magnetic pump. Different processes use different aluminum sulfate magnetic transfer pumps. So, how do we distinguish the types of magnetic pumps? Which magnetic pumps are used in aluminum sulfate?

1. Aluminum sulfate is easy to crystallize, so it is not suitable for mechanical sealing. If you choose a mechanical seal, the pipes and mechanical seals must be cleaned every time the machine starts or stops, which may result in reduced production efficiency. Therefore, the magnetic pump without mechanical seal design should be adopted.China rister pumps acid-alkali-resistant magnetic pump without shaft seal, leak-proof, suitable for the transportation of aluminum sulfate.

2. Material selection for aluminum sulfate: hydrolysis of aluminum sulfate can produce sulfuric acid, and sulfuric acid reacts with metal to form ferrous sulfate, resulting in metal surface corrosion. If stainless steel is used, corrosion will occur. Therefore, we need to use FRPP/PVDF material, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and solves the corrosion problem.

3. Aluminum sulfate is also widely used in ingredients. Aluminum sulfate dosing metering pump can quantitatively add drugs according to the proportion of adding drugs to achieve a good treatment effect.

To sum up, the conveying pump for aluminum sulfate can use non-leakage magnetic pump, dosing pump, metering pump and so on.

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