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Installation and use of ZMD Magnetic self-priming pump Feb 14, 2023

ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump integrates all the excellent characteristics of magnetic pump, and the great advantage is self-priming, and the general self-priming height can reach 2-4 meters, which fully combines all the advantages of self-priming pump and magnetic pump. It not only has the function of self-priming, but also cancels the shaft seal, and uses magnetic coupling indirect transmission to eliminate the phenomenon of dripping. It is the choice of high-risk chemical medium for conveying flammable, explosive, volatile, strong corrosion and strong permeability. The pump spindle material without material can be selected according to the characteristics of the conveying medium, such as the specific gravity and corrosiveness of the medium.


A. Installation method of ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump:

1. Make the concrete foundation according to the size of the foundation and bury the anchor bolts at the same time. Put the unit on the foundation, correct the level of the pump, and tighten the anchor bolts. The pump should be as close to the pool as possible.

2. The diameter of the inlet pipe of the pump shall not be greater than the specified requirements, and the total length of the inlet pipe shall not be more than 5m. Under the condition of meeting the requirements, the shorter the better. A filter must be installed at the bottom of the intake pipe to prevent excessive particles or sundries from damaging the impeller or affecting the work of the pump, and the filtration area should be 3-4 times larger than the cross-sectional area of the pipeline.

3. The outlet pipe of the pump must be equipped with a valve to adjust the flow rate so as to make the pump work under the prescribed flow rate and prevent the pump from working after the excess. The diameter of the outlet pipe shall not be less than the prescribed requirements, and the larger the diameter of the outlet pipe, the better. The total length of the outlet pipe must be 1.5 times the total length of the inlet pipe, which is better if possible.

4. The weight of the inlet and outlet pipes should not be supported on the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump, but should be fixed on their respective brackets. The connection of each part of the inlet and outlet pipeline must be tight and do not leak, otherwise it will affect the self-priming function and the normal operation of the pump.


B. Usage of ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump:

1. ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump strictly forbids the transportation of solid particles or media containing easy crystallization, does not allow continuous operation when the discharge outlet is closed, and needs to maintain a small flow rate.

2. When installing the pipe, connect the inlet pipe first, fill it with liquid and then connect the outlet pipe.

3. After installation, connect the power supply, check whether the pump rotation is flexible or not, and check whether the motor steering is consistent with the steering sign. the outlet valve about 1/3, you can start the self-priming pump (that is, open the valve to start), and then slowly adjust the outlet valve so that the pump can not work properly.

5. During infusion, the flow rate, head and self-priming height must be controlled within the prescribed range, and the difference should not be too big, otherwise it will cause suction phenomenon and make the pump unable to work normally.

6. In the work, the suction phenomenon is not allowed. Once the suction occurs, the infusion must be redrained in order to self-suction. Therefore, the user must have a device to control the low liquid level or send someone to take care of it to prevent the medium in the pool from being emptied.

7. ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump can not transport the medium that will produce a large number of bubbles, nor can it transport the gas-liquid mixed medium.

8. When transporting the medium containing easy crystallization, if the pump is not used for a period of time, the pump cavity must be flushed and the crystallization medium must not be left to prevent damage when the pump is restarted after crystallization; when used again, the pumping liquid should be added as required before self-suction.

9. In general, when there is no crystal medium, if you stop the pump for a long time and then use it, check whether the liquid in the pump body is sufficient before starting. Please make up before self-suction.

10. When the pump is used in the environment below the liquid level or instead of the pipeline pump, the air valve and buffer valve cannot be used. In this case, please remove the air valve and buffer valve.

11. The pump outlet pipe shall not be equipped with a check valve, and if so, a vent shall be provided at the lower end of the check valve.

12. The safe formula of self-priming height is simply calculated as follows: the density of self-priming 3m/ medium in clear water = the actual self-priming height.

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