Application range of stainless steel chemical pump |
Application range of stainless steel chemical pump May 04, 2023

Application range of stainless steel chemical pump

Stainless steel chemical pump

SS chemical pump is a commonly used product in industry, which mainly transports fluid medium as well as corrosive medium. The application range of stainless steel chemical pump is introduced in detail.


1. Stainless steel chemical pump is suitable for extracting corrosive liquids from bottles, buckets, cylinders, pools or other containers.


2. It is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power station, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other departments to transport corrosive media or media with high physical and chemical properties at various temperatures.


3. Used for pumping clear water, containing abrasive substances harmful to ordinary pump body materials, suspended materials, corrosive and non-explosive substances to stainless steel materials.


4. Stainless steel chemical pumps are also widely used in water supply, heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation systems.


5. Industrial use; for fire fighting; for irrigation; for daily and civil, industrial, horticultural, irrigation purposes; for Rain Water savings project; for occasions where low noise is necessary; for pressurization, suitable for conveying corrosive, explosive, granular water or liquid; suitable for pipe network pressurization.


From the above, it is not difficult to see that the stainless steel pump has a wide range of uses, almost including industrial production and daily life.

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