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The method of correctly using Desulfurization pump Jun 14, 2023

The method of correctly using Desulfurization pump

Desulphurization pump

Desulphurization pumps continue to spread to a variety of wet flue gas desulfurization devices, important desulfurization equipment need to pay attention to in the debugging process, one by one made the following summary and emphasis. The re-inspection of the device of the desulfurization pump must be stopped before starting, such as whether the pump device is correct, whether the pump steering direction is correct, whether the pipe laying is reasonable, whether the electrical circuit is correct, whether the auxiliary pipeline device is reasonable, and after it is confirmed that it can stop working.

Preparation work before operation of desulphurization pump:

1. Smooth: check whether the oil standard and oil surface meet the requirements.

2. Check the direction of rotation: the direction of rotation must be inconsistent with the arrow marked on the pump. When checking the direction of rotation of the pump, make sure that the pump is not electrically connected to the pump and that there are no other external objects in the pump housing.

3. The hand-operated coupling should be uniform, light, light and frictionless, and then turn on the motor switch to check for abnormal noise.

4. Liquid injection: before starting, the pump and straw must be kept open and ready to inject liquid. The shutoff valve requires the suction pipe to be fully open. Open all auxiliary connectors (punching, sealing, cooling, etc.) and check the flow. The suction pipe is equipped with an one-way valve, a water inlet system and the whole pipe is filled with water. Drying will damage the mechanical seal, so prevent it!

Start the desulphurization pump:

1. The start-up steps of the circulating desulfurization pump in parallel are as follows: the inlet valve and exhaust leakage pole, prepare to start the open end of the pump and pipeline, back up the pump and pipeline, until the liquid level balance "close the exhaust pipe" to start the pump.

2. The start-up steps of the desulfurization pump when running separately are as follows: open the exhaust valve, and you can also start the pump that runs independently. Open the butterfly valve inlet and vent outlet, and prepare to start the pump and pipeline until the liquid balance "opens the gate valve drain end" to start the pump.

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